Sunday, October 7, 2012

The world has finally come to this, blogs filled with gas produced by anyone who has an opinion, but no pot to put it in. Is this a “social network” without any medication?

I thought FB was a wasteland where brain farts ended up on a video screen. Now they (we) can pass gas in our own pages in Blogs. Wow!

How many Bloggers are there? How many can there be? Do we exchange Blogs?

Since this is my first attempt to insert a post into the sands of this wasteland, I shall confine by thoughts to a somewhat neutral vent without the corruption of either politics or religion. This may leave only weather as a subject which either needs to be changed in several places, or relief from extremes in others.

Future posts will include comments on current events, science, religion, politics, and an endless range of subjects yet to be digested, as the spirit inspires me to do. I have no idea how frequent these emissions will be at this time. Although regularity is said to be important to health, I don’t know how that would apply to this venue.

Until next time,


PS: the embedded links are not mine. Someone or something is embedding this crap after I post. If anyone knows how to prevent this from happening, I'd appreciate the information.

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  1. Keith, I'm a blogger, too! Glad you've joined our ranks!