Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Late Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: March, 1827 BCE

Ur of Babylonia: It has been reported by one Abram of Ur, that he had a meeting with God where a covenant (a contract) was made naming him, Abram, to become the father of a great nation which would be known as “God’s chosen people.” This action is apparently the result of a disagreement between Abram and his father, Terach, an Idol Manufacturer and merchant, over the father’s business of selling powerless images of pagan deities. Details of this meeting and contract were not available when Abram, a Middle Eastern native, made this announcement at a recent news conference.

This news has not been received very well by the 30 million people who make up the rest of the world. It is being reported that nearly all of the nations of the world are claiming prior covenants with their Gods which granted them vast domains and designations as the “chosen people.” This is obviously unsettling to all of the people who make up the villages, tribes, clans, and nations of the rest of the world.

Late Breaking News: It has just been reported that Abram is moving his family and herds of livestock to a place called Canaan, with information that his God has promised this land to Abram as part of the contract made earlier. This means that the present inhabitants of Canaan, the Canaanites, will soon be displaced to wherever, in order to make room for the predicted new nation yet to be named. Unfortunately, there is some doubt that this nation will come to pass as Abram and his wife Sarai, now in advanced years, have not been able to produce any descendants.

The only source for any of these stories has been issued by Abram or his spokesmen. No other corroborating information has been made available.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: June, 1742 BCE

CANAAN: An amendment to the original covenant made by God with Abram has been announced. Before Abram and Sarai may have a child in their advanced years, all males of the household, including Abram must be circumcised. This is certainly odd and strange news. After this revelation, three visitors came and announced to Abram and Sarai that they would be having a male child, and their names would be changed to Abraham and Sarah.

Rumors have also been circulating that these strange visitors to Abram and Sarai may have had something to do with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah which occurred at about the same time. It is not known at this time what circumstances may have occurred between Abraham and his displacement of the original Canaanites, as there have been no known threats between the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah against Abraham’s family claims.

Again, the only source for any of these stories has been issued by Abram or his spokesmen. No other corroborating information has been made available.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: June, 1230 BCE

SIANI PENINSULA: It has been reported that a large group of Egyptian slaves has left Egypt after being enslaved for approximately 400 years, and are being lead by a recent former member of the Pharaoh’s household, Moses, who is reported to be a covert descendant of the slave’s ancestors. Although this report claims that all of the departing slaves are members of the Hebrew tribe, “God’s chosen people,” it is rumored that other nationalities may have also been included.

Details of this mass exodus are sketchy at this time due to poor communications, but reports have included that the group of slaves had been pursued by the entire Egyptian armies until they reached the Red Sea, where the pursuing army numbering in the thousands, drowned while trying to cross at the same point where the slaves had previously crossed on dry ground.

Again, the only source for any of these stories has been issued by Moses or his spokesmen. No other corroborating information has been made available.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: June, 1191 BCE

CANAAN: Although the distance from Egypt to Jerusalem can be walked in 14 days, it has been reported that “God’s chosen people,” the Hebrews, have taken 40 years to reach the western border of Israel, and are now preparing to enter the land they claim God gave them in a covenant with a previous ancestor, Abraham. However the land has been occupied during the past 400 years by its present residents who were disputing any prior claims. Unfortunately, a large force of Hebrew warriors have ignored this dispute and entered Canaan and killed all of the current residents in order to reoccupy the land.

It has been reported that Moses was not among the Hebrews in this resettlement campaign. Although he died before reaching this Promised Land, and while wandering in the Sinai Desert for 40 years, he managed to write several books of rules, laws and rituals for the Hebrew people. The inspiration for his writings was reported to be given to him during personal conversations with God. Unfortunately, no one else was privileged to attend or witness any of these private conversations Moses had with God.

At one point in the Sinai experience, Moses descended from an alleged mountain top meeting with God carrying stone tablets engraved with 10 commandments which were reported to have been carved by God himself and given to Moses to bring to the people waiting for him at the foot of the mountain. These tablets and/or a written copy of the covenant which was reported to have been made between God and Moses for the Hebrew people were later sealed in a special made box to be carried before the Hebrew people as they wandered in the Sinai and later reentered the land which they claim had been promised to them. However, these artifacts have been lost or misplaced and are no longer available to corroborate this story.

Included in the books which have been allegedly written by Moses, are descriptions of how the world was created, who the first two people were and how they were evicted from a garden and told to reproduce and populate the world. Later in the stories, God became displeased with mankind and decided to erase this error in creation by causing a worldwide flood of magnanimous proportions and drown every living creature except one family who was commissioned to build an ark and collect a pair of every living creature. These would all be saved from drowning by being closed up in the huge boat. The story did not include details of how the whole earth was flooded, including the tallest mountains, and where the water receded to.

Although the information in the first 5 books of the Old Testament, the Torah, were supposed to have been handed down to Moses, they were not written in any final form and canonized by Jewish elders, until approximately 800 years after Moses died.

Again, the only source for any of these stories has been issued by Moses or his publicist. No other corroborating information has been made available.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: April, 6 CE

Background Information: Samaria (Northern Israel) and Judah were once united under one ruler known as the nation of Israel, after the culture who occupied the lands. During the years after the exodus from Egyptian slavery and time spent wandering in the desert, Judges, selected from the elders of the tribe, became the ultimate authority in the land, making laws and officiating over disputes between people. However, almost all of the neighboring nations were ruled by Kings who commanded armies which continually threatened Israel. Eventually, the people of Israel demanded to be ruled by a King that might also command an army to defend and protect the nation of Israel. A man was selected to act as both Judge and the first King of Israel, Saul. Saul reigned from 1050 to 1010 BCE.

The person selected to succeed Saul was David, who at an early age was reported to have the skills of a warrior. David was able to organize a mighty army and not only defend Israel’s borders, but was able to expand the kingdom through triumphs in battle, and trade alliances with neighboring countries. The people of Israel prospered as never before under David’s reign. Although King David’s personal life was reported to be less than stellar, he was greatly loved and respected by all of Israel. David reigned from 1010 to 970 BCE, at which time his son, Solomon ascended the throne and continued a benevolent reign with great wisdom in the footsteps of his father, David.

During the reign of Solomon, the Hebrew Temple of Israel was built in Jerusalem, which at that time was the religious center of the Hebrew people. This was the crowning achievement of King Solomon’s reign which lasted from 970 to 930 BCE.

Upon Solomon's death, his son, Rehoboam, succeeded him as king. However, ten of the Tribes of Israel refused to accept him as king, causing the United Monarchy to split and form the northern Kingdom of Israel ruled by Jeroboam, while Rehoboam continued to reign in the southern Kingdom of Judah.

This not only split the original united nation of Israel, which had been ruled over by Saul, David, and Solomon, but also weakened it. After this division of the nation, The Kingdom of Judah continued with a succession of 20 Kings until the year 586 BCE, when they were invaded and sacked by Babylon and the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had a succession of 19 Kings, until it was invaded and defeated by Assyria in 722 BCE. Each of the two kingdoms continued to suffer a succession of invaders and conquerors until 63 BCE when the Roman Empire invaded almost all of the Mediterranean countries and began an occupation of Israel which lasted for almost 700 years.

Most of the Kings who had reigned over both the Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel, were not responsive to the needs of the people. Their reigns were riddled with injustice, inequities, heavy taxes, and harsh treatment. The only king most revered and highly spoken of by the people was the legendary King David whose reign was for the most part, fair, benevolent, just, and powerful. Songs, ballads, and verse of King David continued to survive throughout the reigns of all other kings as well as the many oppressive conquerors. The people constantly prayed for a new King like David to come and save Judea and Israel from not only their own terrible Kings, but the harsh conquerors that have occupied the land and dictated the events of their daily lives. Moses had rescued them from slavery in Egypt, they now wanted a King to rescue them from oppression and restore the once idyllic Kingdom David had once provided their ancestors. Prophets over the years had predicted that one day a King would rise up to unite the kingdoms and save Israel. And for years the people waited for this event to come to pass.

Jerusalem: Rumors have been circulating of the birth of a new King of Israel. These rumors are making the Roman Empire nervous and the Roman armies have been placed on alert throughout Samaria and Judah. Although there had always been many minor insurrections directed toward the occupying Roman Empire, but none had included the news of a person who was destined to become King of the Jews, with the power and might of the legendary King David. This news had placed the Roman Empire on edge, as the possibility of another personality like David could unite the Jews into a revolt that might not only over through the occupying Roman Empire, but threaten an invasion of Rome itself.

As strange as it might be, the religious leaders of the Jews, the powerful and politically controlled Sanhedrin also became fearful of how this rumor might threaten their positions as the ultimate Jewish authority throughout the Roman Empire. This could easily upset their cushy positions and undermine their authority to rule over the Jews.

Although rumors have persisted for years, there has yet to be any evidence of their accuracy.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: October, 37 CE

GALILEE: It has been reported that a local man has been traveling around the area speaking and collecting a group of followers. He is reported to be a native of Nazareth and had previously been engaged in carpentry. It is not known at this time what his intentions are, but it has been rumored that he possesses unusual knowledge. Some people who have met him have reported that he speaks like a teacher and a healer. His speech and his conduct have led some to speculate that he may be the one foretold by ancient prophets, to become King of Israel. As he travels the area more and more people seem to flocking to hear and see him. Many of these people have followed him from place to place as he speaks and have quickly become supporters of his message.  It almost appears as if he were recruiting people for another rebellion. Although many zealot groups have attempted to start a rebellion in the past, none have had the support of so many people, which is perhaps why they have all failed. This Nazarene resembles a magnet in that everywhere he goes he attracts the attention and curiosity of more and more people. These growing crowds have also been attracting the attention of the members of the Sanhedrin as well as the Roman occupation.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: January, 38 CE

JERUSALEM: The Sanhedrin has begun an investigation of the Nazarene, by sending Lawyers with knowledge of Hebrew law and history to hear him speak. Early reports indicate that the Nazarene claims to be a descendant of King David, and somehow to be the son of a God. The claim to be the son of a God has often been made by many rulers from Rome to Egypt, to establish their supremacy and power over ordinary men. Although many people are circulating proclamations that he is the promised one, the next King of Israel, it has been met with great resistance by the Sanhedrin here in Jerusalem. It has also been rumored that the Nazarene is planning to come to Jerusalem sometime in the near future to begin his reign as King of the Hebrew nation.

BREAKING NEWS - Date line: April, 40 CE

JERUSALEM: The Sanhedrin has issued an arrest warrant for Jesus of Nazareth, and sent a squadron of guards to a County Park near Jerusalem to seize him. The terms of the warrant were listed as: Inciting the people, claiming to be a son of God, proclaiming himself to be King of the Jews, violating the Sabbath on numerous occasions, disrupting vendor booths in the Temple, etc. Apparently he was found guilty and condemned on all accounts by the Sanhedrin before he was arrested, and was immediately brought before Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, for capital punishment. The Sanhedrin recommended that the man from Nazareth be crucified as an example to discourage further trouble making.

Only days later it was reported that the crucified Nazarene had been seen alive by several of his followers; a group of women outside the tomb where he had been interned; traveling on the road to Emmaus; and finally by several of the supporters who had followed him during the past three years.

Unfortunately, none of these reports could be verified or corroborated.

FAST FORWARD 1,967 YEARS - Date line: 2013 CE

PLANET EARTH: During the past 100,000 years, humanity has evolved in many directions. Cultures, societies, tribes, and customs have emerged to meet the superstitions and fears of every corner of the globe. Among these has been an ever present search for immortality fostered by the fear of death and the resistance to accept it as the natural course of events. Woven into this search has been numerous, perhaps innumerable, stories of deities offering rewards or punishment in a theoretical afterlife based upon an individual’s compliance with religious law during his or her mortal lifetime on this planet. To compound the confusion in a search for truth, there exists approximately 10,000 different religious sects, laws and stories claiming to be the true authority in the search for immortality.

The religious element of humanity has contributed in producing a polarizing and separating effect of dividing people into camps of opposing theologies which has resulted in more human abuse and wars than any other human trait. The religious philosophies of forbearance, charity, forgiveness, tolerance, empathy are frequently only hollow expressions which are drowned out by the much louder actions of selfishness, greed, dishonesty, hypocrisy, intolerance, and contempt as religions promote their own brand of truth and authority. Violence resulting from opposing religious philosophies is a greater threat to life on this planet than any possible natural disaster. Religious societies spend more time, energy, and resources in the manufacture and promotion of military might than on the elimination of disease, starvation, and peace between cultures.

This has not been a recent trend, it has been evolving for thousands of years, led by Shaman, Witchdoctors, Priests, Bishops, Preachers, Missionaries, Rabbis, clerics, the religious leaders of humanity expounding their version of “truth” to influence cultures and governments into their clamp. There is no deity in the heavens above or earth below who would have created or planed events or paths the human race has found itself treading through.