Friday, April 26, 2013

Isn't It Time?

Fresh water is quickly becoming a limited resource. Courts are, and have for many years, been involved in settling ownership of water rights.

Today’s water requirement systems (cities, industry, and agriculture) are based on an ancient design of an unlimited supply of fresh water. We usually use water once, then discard it. Often, we don’t even use it before discarding it; water flows through open faucets while we do nothing with it; brushing our teeth, running water in a shower or bath until it is the correct temperature, leave a hose running while we wash our vehicles, etc. Multiply these wasteful habits by the population of America and we see enough fresh water wasted to supply half of the United States with fresh water for months.

General technology has been developing at a rate that has made us not only dependent on it, but we expect new breakthroughs almost daily that will improve our health and simplify our lives and tasks.

We have developed methods and technology to conserve energy by improving the efficiency of our vehicles, by developing renewable sources of energy from naturally occurring forces that have reduced detrimental stresses on our environment, etc. It is now time to put our technology and inventiveness to work reducing the fresh water demands of our culture.

Unfortunately, as in all developing methods and technologies, it will not be inexpensive. But in the long run, we will learn how to improve and modify these water conserving systems which will become integral as well as beneficial to all cultures. The big question is how do we start the process?

To lead, maneuver and direct a herd of cattle requires a joint effort. All of the herders need to be on the same objective page. There can be no independent herders whose only interest is taking care of their own cows or horses. They need to have the best interest of the whole herd in the fore front of their priorities. Herders must get along with each other and work together. If the herders don’t meet these conditions, they need to be replaced with herders who will be able to see and understand the requirements of the herd, and have its best interests at the top of their priorities. The herd does not well follow a blue or red flag. They follow best a red, white, and blue flag.

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