Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adventures in Publishing

This writing thing could develop into a compulsion as I now have 2 books that have been published. However, I have entered into a therapeutic mode which is supposed to restrain any and all unbridled impulses to scribble imaginative adventures found only in my mind.

It all began as an almost illegible entry near the bottom of my bucket list, something that had occupied a hidden corner in the recesses of my mind. Once exposed to the light, it became almost uncontrollable and has resulted in not only this Blog space, but has spread into the publishing world without any warning.

The first book I experimented with, published in October, 2012, was to inaugurate my acquaintance with the publishing world with a story that exists somewhere between the lines of Genesis, Chapter 1. aptly named, “The Magic of Creation.”

Synopsis: A story that answers the mysterious conditions before the Big Bang, then continues to explain the “how” everything in the universe was made and has evolved.

My second book, Secrets of the Atom’s Family, published today, is my introduction to the Ebook world. It has (or will be soon) been made available through many ebook sources, i.e. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple, etc. and in many downloadable formats and can be viewed and sampled at the following website:

Synopsis: Mysterious phenomena continue to occur all around the world which have not, or cannot, be explained. This story is about an unexpected adventure of a modern day prospector who has spent most of his life exploring western mountain ranges in search of his “El Dorado.” Instead, he discovers something he could never have imagined and cannot share with anyone, but you.

I hope you will enjoy and find some educational merit in these therapeutic exercises. When, and if, I again feel the urge to put into words some expressions of vicarious adventure, I will continuously murmur the mantra, “why?” but as one of the descriptions listed in my bio so accurately reveals, I am an unabashed loose canon who not only possess an open mind, but an open mouth from which is frequently extracted a foot.


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